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Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I know the basics of how to sign a silkscreen print, HOWEVER, I have a couple of prints where I switched up the colors. It's the same image, with the same title, but they can't all be one edition, right? Because an edition has to be identical, and this is two different versions. So how would I sign and number them? They're not going to have a different title, so I can't differentiate them that way. I've read that you can have a second edition of a print, but from what I've seen it sounds like that's for doing a second run if you want more of the original print. I haven't been able to find anything about how to indicate a different version.

I'm going to see my professor on Saturday, but I would like to get it done sooner. If anyone knows the proper way to sign them it would be much appreciated!

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Hello. I have several pictures etched on metal plates and would like to have them printed.
The size of each picture is approximately 8"x11". I contacted several printing companies but none of them agreed to do the job. Could you recommend me a company or at least key words to search for a company. I live in Chicago area. Thank you
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Originally posted by sallyfran at Rust on my Roller
Hi. In the past few months I purchased for myself a beautiful new etching press but for various reasons have not been able to get to it to print yet, sob. Since it has been sitting unused, the roller surface (both top and bottom though mainly the top one) has become quite rusted. It did come with some rust on it and I was advised initially by the seller to use some kind of metal cleaner to gently clean away the rust but I cannot recall the make. I do not want to damage the roller in any way. Any advice about how to care for this part of my press would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
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We have high quality lithographic stones available for bulk orders or for orders of large individual stones. The stones are high quality Solnhofen Lithographic Limestone, widely recognised as the best quality limestone available for stone-Lithography. Since Lithography ceased to be a mainstream industrial process very few new stones are taken out of the ground from the Solnhofen region of southern Germany anymore. Our stones come from an industrial printer in Switzerland that closed down and some of the stones still show the last image that was printed upon them. The stones are in very good condition and have a long life-span.

We don’t yet have a detailed inventory of each stone, but photographs indicating the size and quality of a selection of the stones can be reached through our website - http://lithographic-stones.blogspot.com/

The stones vary in size from the smallest 300mm x 4500mm x 80mm (12” x 18” x 3”) to the largest 900mm x 1150mm x 120mm (35" x 45" x 4”); the largest stones weigh about 250kg – these figures are approximate. Please get in touch for more information.

Thank you,

LSThe Stones

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Hopefully this kind of question is allowed...

I'm wondering if anyone can help me identify what type of media this is? I'm leaning towards a linocut, but I have no education or experience in art and would rather not depend on my guess. :) It could be a woodcut for all I know, or something completely different, or maybe it's not even possible to tell. But if anyone here can clear this up for me I'd be most grateful.

The work is called "The Strasbourg Münster" and it's pre-1926, by an artist named Böhm - sorry, that is all I know!


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I’m on a boat, 15″ x 22″ Intaglio etch on BFK, 2011.

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One of my university projects.
Intaglio (mostly soap ground and aquatint) with beading.

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I thought you might be interested in The Saturday Arts Club podcast:

The Saturday Arts Club

It's a light-hearted, intellectual look at theatre, performance and visual arts. There's also a quiz in each episode.

Anyway, aside from providing something for you to listen to, we really want people to get involved, whether it's their opinions or their work. If you have something that you'd like us to feature, get in touch through the website.


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This is my work called Psycology of crowd.
Gum oil printing technique.

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If you like my work,plese vote for me: talenthouse.com
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Hello. I have been following this community for a while, it's just a pity that it has been quite inactive lately :/ I've done printmaking more or less actively since 1997 and totally lost my heart to it. Anyway, here's something that I've been doing lately. I'm so happy that my current teacher convinced me to give carborundum another go even though I used to hate it for several years and tries...

Domestically Disabled 3, 25x36 cm. Carborundum and cutting on cardboard, monoprint, aquarel.
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The Japanese Disaster really hit home for me and I have made this bookmark sized linoprint in response and as a tribute to Japanese printmaking. I am selling these bookmarks on Etsy and donating $5 for every one I can sell. Spread the word or make a print for Japan as well. Link to the shop
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John Kudryavcev. «Nova» | Technique: self made technique/akvalep | Size, mm: 285x400 | Creation Date: 2010

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