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Hello. I have been following this community for a while, it's just a pity that it has been quite inactive lately :/ I've done printmaking more or less actively since 1997 and totally lost my heart to it. Anyway, here's something that I've been doing lately. I'm so happy that my current teacher convinced me to give carborundum another go even though I used to hate it for several years and tries...

Domestically Disabled 3, 25x36 cm. Carborundum and cutting on cardboard, monoprint, aquarel.

Domestically Disabled 2, 35x45 cm. Carborundum on aluminium plate.

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On March 19th, 2011 04:07 am (UTC), luces commented:
I like the odd imagery!

There's a really nice seamless merging of the different mediums in the first one. It's also strangely very energetic in a few different ways! The second one is in contrast, more static, but that adds a kind of slightly ominous quality to it! I like the humour in both pieces. Seems like it's about dreading domestic chores, but it's a more lighthearted look!

I'm curious... how do you use the carborundum on the cardboard/aluminium plate? I've only known of its use in grinding litho stones.
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On March 19th, 2011 09:54 am (UTC), hagiasofia replied:
Thanks! I made a few different versions with solid background but the monoprint really works the best. Sadly ,the theme of the images comes from my household, a bit exaggerated, though.

You can paint on aluminium or shellac coated cardboard with a mixture of carborundum sand and gesso, let it dry, then apply the colour and print. It's really an interesting and versatile technique which produces almost painting-like surface.
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