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Lithographic Stones

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We have high quality lithographic stones available for bulk orders or for orders of large individual stones. The stones are high quality Solnhofen Lithographic Limestone, widely recognised as the best quality limestone available for stone-Lithography. Since Lithography ceased to be a mainstream industrial process very few new stones are taken out of the ground from the Solnhofen region of southern Germany anymore. Our stones come from an industrial printer in Switzerland that closed down and some of the stones still show the last image that was printed upon them. The stones are in very good condition and have a long life-span.

We don’t yet have a detailed inventory of each stone, but photographs indicating the size and quality of a selection of the stones can be reached through our website - http://lithographic-stones.blogspot.com/

The stones vary in size from the smallest 300mm x 4500mm x 80mm (12” x 18” x 3”) to the largest 900mm x 1150mm x 120mm (35" x 45" x 4”); the largest stones weigh about 250kg – these figures are approximate. Please get in touch for more information.

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LSThe Stones

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