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Rust on my Roller

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Originally posted by sallyfran at Rust on my Roller
Hi. In the past few months I purchased for myself a beautiful new etching press but for various reasons have not been able to get to it to print yet, sob. Since it has been sitting unused, the roller surface (both top and bottom though mainly the top one) has become quite rusted. It did come with some rust on it and I was advised initially by the seller to use some kind of metal cleaner to gently clean away the rust but I cannot recall the make. I do not want to damage the roller in any way. Any advice about how to care for this part of my press would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
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On March 2nd, 2012 04:14 pm (UTC), mouse2cat commented:
I have used Putz and a fine steel wool. It isn't quick but it won't hurt the press at all.
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