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printmaking's Journal

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This community is for those interested in printmaking, it exists for you to show your work, or to pose technical questions, to set up and moderate exchanges or notify others of your shows, in short, all things ink.

Community enforced rules seem to be:

1) Please convert URLS larger than 100 characters or so to smaller urls: http://tinyurl.com/

2) Please put large images, multiple images, and "not safe for work" images, behind a cut.

3) Work posted should be prints, or related to prints. For the purposes of the community, a print is defined as work made from a matrix, or tool to create or transfer an image. Anyone can then use that matrix to make a print. Prints need three things: artist, matrix, print. If you can fit it into that shoebox, then it's a print.

It's true that photography effectively fits the niche described above, but since photography has many many communities devoted to it, posts of purely photographic works are best suited to one of those, unless they also involve other printmaking methods.

That's it.

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